aerially, undone

i recognize you aerially is how i know we used to fly, i remember you aerially. “so the cosmonaut" is how she starts and i say holy shit, i said, that cosmonaut is me. its me, its that same sound.

there is more. you know, always.

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mad said...

Are you still writing Kerry
I'm sure you are
I for the past month have been living among people who don't give a flying fuck for literature.
New York is supposed to be different from other places and I'm sure that's true but I'm also sure there are a lot of the same idiots here who I have met elsewhere.
I read one post of yours and I feel like I know you
but I've been reading and writing and on the screen talking to myself all day so of course I feel this way.
writing like this reminds me of middle school--dropping a line out into the void, imagining every outcome