- they all think we’re dreaming i think maybe they're right. are we up against the wall? are these our legs? are we baking chocolate cake? when love says shhh it is never polite and that’s okay. i’m not allowed chocolate cake, really, but last night i tiptoed outside to find you wearing the underwear i bought you in the kitchen making coconut macaroons for me and little tears came to my eyes. 

- october was apples dipped in caramel that i couldn't have but found in your eyes. it was wet woods, wet leaves, red oranges and ghosts and your knuckles, your knees. 

- you, grabbing the tall weeds around your legs as you walk, pulling the leaves off with your hands, a little boy again.

- jasmine flower tea and every time you say "you're so pretty."

- i used to sleep on the floor of our old apartment, almost underneath the bed. sometimes i'd cry. it's december now, you can tell with your eyes closed. i sleep inside of you. we even share a pillow.


. said...

this is beautiful. i am so glad you're writing again.

Kerry Giangrande said...

thank you so much. i am trying.its been so long. it feels like it's sitting on the edges of a steep cliff i don't know what will happen when we fall.