Different kinds of light.

it's amazing how little you can see when confronted with car headlights face on.

i tried to tell you, or i wanted to, which definitely isn't the same as trying, unfortunately. but by some heavenly happenstance, you existed. by some fucking grace of god you stood there next to me, our arms touching just a little.
and i swear, when you walk, the world sweats. i just, how do you tell someone that, how do you say it with your mouth?! while you can hear everything breathing around them? no, no --  for them. i couldn't, there wasn't one way. you bent in angelically and i lit your cigarette for you and went inside to order another drink. no longer interested in it, you flicked the cigarette behind you and followed me, you were humming some R.E.M. song and that was enough. that was enough for me.
"i mean, who doesn't have control issues? fucking no-one." you said, when you caught up. you leaned against the bar like a celebrity on their way to rehab, still looking outstanding. i blinked.
nothing had ever been enough.


DJ Berndt said...

this is good stuff, Kerry. :D

Alexandra said...

It's so great to read something by you.

KERRY said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU. it's been so long

rollerfink said...

You are the King of Birds

Alexandra said...

How has the summer been treating you?

KERRY said...

the summer has been very strange, the words have been with-holding but i am patient. it's odd, "king of birds" was the song i was thinking of when writing this.