what is happening.

i have been experiencing writers block for a month now and i am not pleased.
it smells like spring outside.
your kiss is good in spring. 
i marvel.

"personal is best. I know this professor,
we were drinking beer together and he
said, "I don't see how you can be so personal
in your writing, isn't it embarrassing?"

he's wrong, it's all personal.
history is personal. pulling a shade up
in the morning is personal. drinking beer is. the
abstract is. the objective is. the waterbug
is, and synapse is.

and nothing is more personal than walking down
a stairway alone
thinking about nothing. I often like to
think about nothing for hours.

this professor, he'd simply taught too long
while I'd been a night watchman and a
circus hand. there was really nothing I could
tell him but I tried: "drink your beer,"
I told him, "and tell me about your wife."

he would only drink his beer so
I told him about my wife." -Bukowski


Ned Buskirk said...


wiredwriter said...

Go Buk.

DJ Berndt said...

love it. I think most people are afraid to admit how much they really enjoy Bukowski, because he is like a mainstream poet. I fucking love Bukowski. I have more books by him than any other writer.

sarah spinelli said...

oh my, i feel the same way.