December 1st

your glossy eyes are like the covers of magazines
light that teaches light that teaches light.
i fall into it, i'm waist deep, that sickly sweet and come out right here

today i would like to lie on my back in prospect park
but i will settle for your bed
you'll walk around in your t-shirt and i'll watch you like a film
your bed without you in it: a gutted goldmine.

i said reading you is equivalent to ripping all of your clothes off on a train. a loud naked silence, a foamy sea of mouths and eyes and you. as if i dropped the f bomb to a teacher, the word ticking in the air and the slippery smoke of the cymbals in your heart left swinging. with you there's this sky i found, there's a cloudless sky i live in.

tonight i would like to explain everything.


Stacey said...

I really love the way you write.

KERRY said...

thank you tremendously.