meant somethings

 i have read and re-read this numerous times

to have (hav; also, as before “to'' haf)
transitive verb had (had; unstressed, həd, əd), having hav′·ing
    1.    to hold in the hand or in control; own; possess

    2.    to possess or contain as a part, characteristic, attribute, etc

    3.    to be affected by or afflicted with

    4.    to possess by way of experience; experience; undergo

    5.    to possess an understanding of; know

    6.    to hold or keep in the mind

    7.     to gain possession, control, or mastery of

    1.    to get, take, receive, or obtain

    2.    to consume; eat or drink

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zachary said...

I don't have anything.
It worries me when the subject is love.
It worries me more when i think i want to have something.
I'm just afraid. Too afraid to lose anything, again.