jack of hearts

you could be my mr. fox
you could be my henry miller.

the storm

the girl in my dream popped two vicodins and let you fuck her
her eyes open & then her eyes closed.
in a dream i put my sister in a white garbage bag and threw it over the ledge of a train station in brooklyn, the body landed on the tracks and a train came splitting her right in half, the pieces everywhere.

there is a time for calm and content and then there is that urgency.
when a poem screams i stop to listen,  a hungry infant at 4am
when a song is on i feel its reverence and when love is lost i kiss you.

this dream has a smell on it's shirt
it has hands, it has a birthday and a credit card

i don't have a sister.


i thought i was tired but instead stayed up to write this list of the things you smell like, my arms wrapped around a pillow; something i've never done.

to me:
1. a room i remember but have never been inside
2. pine trees
3. sweet potatoes
5. cloves
6. skin.
7. sweat
8. and cut grass in early winter air

I bet when birds fly together it feels like being at a concert. I bet when you hold me time gets really, really jealous. I swear I'll never tell a soul.


I feel like I'm running but I haven't moved. I think it's because we're spinning.
No, I'm spinning and you're standing still. No, you're not standing still, you're walking at a steady space to a future you hold in your head and I'm spinning in place with your hands and mouth on my mind.

meant somethings

 i have read and re-read this numerous times

to have (hav; also, as before “to'' haf)
transitive verb had (had; unstressed, həd, əd), having hav′·ing
    1.    to hold in the hand or in control; own; possess

    2.    to possess or contain as a part, characteristic, attribute, etc

    3.    to be affected by or afflicted with

    4.    to possess by way of experience; experience; undergo

    5.    to possess an understanding of; know

    6.    to hold or keep in the mind

    7.     to gain possession, control, or mastery of

    1.    to get, take, receive, or obtain

    2.    to consume; eat or drink