jeffrey eugenides

the doctor looked at me gravely and asked me to read his name tag out loud. i said "jeffrey eugenides," who is the prodigious author of "the virgin suicides" and "middlesex." his name tag did not say this. he had small eyes and a thick ring on his index finger. at the time i found this response quite hilarious and very relevant. he did not, not even a little. i laughed lackadaisically, a laugh that belongs in space, everyone looking at me blankly. the nurse was holding my hand in hers but i couldn't feel it. the outlines of the people were vague and melting and the floor wasn't under me but inside of my brain being walked on by serial killers. i was crying, the kind that has no tears, i whispered, "you don't understand, i just fell in love."  
in this story, in my story the nurse says "no, no it's just the drugs" but in the nurses she just says "i promise you're not dying." you squeezed my hand three times.

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Anonymous said...

in a common stroke of insomnia,
i have found myself blog searching.
this entry beckoned me to read everything you post.