bangbang, i shot you down

she was born in black water; light-less murky waters
there were no boats but many people scattered, people sinking
bobbing up and in, their arms waving like kites against a pitch black sky
they noticed her glowing, her first breaths of life, this small creature
she was handed to me by a stranger as the others were all drowning
"i'll be right back" the stranger said and fled 

and i knew that she was gone for good
the infant grew really fast and she grew really pretty
it was only five minutes later & she was already ten and long legs
her hair was up, falling in her face and she said i remember it was night
and the people were crying, i remember you humming
and holding me, you were singing bob dylan to me in dark, dark water.


rollerfink said...

and in the morning on the sand and in the sand and in the sun with a stick and some shells and seaweed she drew a face and underneath it with her toes she wrote "kerry, you are so dope."

KERRY said...

you are an exceptional human being

Brett said...

(dark, dark water)

steve roggenbuck said...

"you were singing bob dylan to me in dark, dark water"