radio cures

around you i think of rehabilitation centers
itchy hands, dark eyes, swollen-hearted

i watch you blink and the world blinks with you

i watch you forget something you never really ever knew, not really.

i could stop sleeping with your shirt if i wanted to
i could stop thinking your kiss is like a sip of cold water
i could stop opening and closing these doors
i could stop crying if i want to

i could stop wondering how many times
 men mention their fathers at bars after they've had one too many
wondering how much of sex is love and how much of love is sex
i could stop wondering how much of love 
is watching someones face falling.
someones body crack, and move, 
watching life treat them like a bad bruise
i could stop wanting to put ice on it
i could stop wanting to hold all of your pieces.  


Carolyn said...

this is really beautiful. please read me sometime, I think you'd like it

zachary said...

But how?