only if you want to, baby.

i assassinate love like a god damn professional
with her feet hanging through a stair-well smoking a cigarette and fancy boots.

we should start a club
it will be the i don't know what i'm talking about usually but the words come out like different flavored jelly beans, they make a sound when they land on the floor that reverberates in my brain and makes it hard to think straight club. we will have a secret hand shake and a series of tests for new applicants that we'll never let in.

i couldn't breathe when we drove by that cemetery , but i kept it to myself. i could tell you loved me because of the way you squeezed the steering wheel and the noise the leather made from your maybe sweaty hands.

you're the notes i slip into my pocket, you're a shrug of the shoulders

& this is a road with no stop signs.

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