when i was young i'd see how far down the street i could walk with my eyes closed, you know, without bumping into trees or tripping over.
lately i've been contemplating how much of love is really just hate, in a cape and mask, stirring in the blood stream & singing exceedingly slow songs.  lately i know in the end a sparks a spark and the river just a river.

when you look at me the world slides and hangs there. the sky falls over and lands on it's back, face up and holds its hands out but i can never grab them, i can't reach.

i ate it up when you said what you said, my heart did push-ups when you said the things you said until it's arms got so tired i couldn't feel or see or hear a thing.
i digress.

because the only things i remember from elementary school are how chlorophyll kept the greens green and that guerrilla warfare was always a surprise attack and i'm not sure what that means but i'm pretty sure it means something.

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