listen, i swam to the bottom of it all
i found another world
it tasted like chlorine and it felt like maybe you and i could be ten years old
ten years old but wise
ten years old but there was electricity in our blood
our bodies said, yes, simultaneously
and it wasn't chlorine anymore but a warm light that we swam through
and called heaven, "wanting christening" i thought he said
 but now that's always how i hear it.

they weren't kidding when they said love is like a car crash
they weren't lying when they said love is like a flock of doves

i could say i was born to write that down but
the truth is i couldn't tell you why i was born at all
i just know when its coming
i think i said it
 "It's coming , " i said.
it's happening.

if we're being honest i don't care much for Robert Frost
i don't care much about his two diverged roads, and the one less taken
or how hard we were expected to analyze them in high school
i knew there was more
there were roads in my heart, thruways and highways
 and the narrow bumpy streets of Calcutta.
there were headlights in your eyes that i couldn't take my eyes off of.
they weren't kidding when they said love is like a car crash.

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