"i don't really create imagined states you know what i mean ? i just take note,of, the apocalypses that occur in everybodys souls and i think about them again and again every night, that's all."

there was a woman with no shoes on

she was thin and had long blonde hair, the kind that looks unwashed, 
it probably smelled like rain
she was right in the road outside
all these animals were on the porch, every kind of animal
there were white bears but not polar and deer 

and small rabbits and big turtles and lions and birds
they were approaching hesitantly but i could tell they were here for something
their eyes were full of answers and questions together; it left me unsettled
i thought it was probably the end of the world.

the woman brought in a cup of water from the river 
we thought it was just a cup of water from the river
she pulled a silver instrument out of her pocket and used it to drain the water

to show us the small aquatic beings that collected
we watched them pass through & land in her hand
you said, "what do they eat?"
i said "smaller beings."
they moved about -  the colors of them were wild and screaming.
i said the word coral out loud.

her children came, her son was young, and very tan

a boy who knew things about things , about things
they had painted all of the rocks outside

i thought of the roses in alice in wonderland
her son had a book that he had written
all the pages were laminated; shiny and smooth.
his writing was god damn beautiful
i told him this
i said people need to read these
he didn't like what i said and this hurt me in a distant way i didn't let show.
the words on the pages were like squinting at a painting
or like watching the world give birth to things
it never even knew it had in it but by some means it all happens
i read a couple of lines that i instantly knew i had written somehow
 somewhere too - before all this
i told him, i asked him how
 it was two sentences and four words were different 
 and i asked him if it scared him
and he didn't say anything
he didn't say anything but i knew it did.

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