this is a short poem
it has on flip flops and it is laying in the sun
it looks care free, and it looks blissful
but looks can be deceiving, as they say
as the story goes.

i was born in august
in august it gets very hot.
in swedish, the month is named "augusti"
literally plural of the latin augustus --- "the venerable"
in august hiroshima was bombed and three days later so was nagasaki
this is the only use of nuclear weapons of our time.
I have things to tell you
but they are stuck inside my hands.


Maisie said...

i was born in august too
it's pregnant

kerrylily said...

who are you these days?

just brian said...

beautiful bomb.

Crispin Best said...

have you read hiroshima by john hershey?
(it's a book)

kerrylily said...

ha,i have not
i will get right on it. (: