it stuck in my head all night
i probably cried about it
probably as in, yes i did cry about it
but you won't know
and i won't tell you
so where does that leave us?
somewhere south of nowhere
not found on a map
i don't care enough.
poems are when the truth and lies get so
close together you can't make out either.
like when your fingers are so cold 
you can't tell if they're touching anything
just run up, over, and write it down, it's that easy.
Eyes like a chocolate fudge brownie
and grass against my legs
"limbs," i thought. limbs.
the trees were sighing and grabbing at the sky
and all the birds came down to rest on the soil
our wings are tired, they said
i told them i understood
"I empathize" I said.
they came down to repose
to watch human hearts pretend to have wings .
we snuck up when they weren't looking
up. here it's siren nights and sounds, an immortal smell of rain
wild eyes that are always teary for all the right reasons.
you asked me what happened and i'm telling you,
you asked me what happened and i'm drawing the picture.
i haven't dreamt of the end of the world in a long time, i think
i knock on wood.

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