it's time for a little give and take
a little word undressing.
it's time for the all-unfolding,
 a mission into space.
so write, so do it. so move your shoulders, 

touch the songs with your fingers.
 hands behind your head, you know exactly what this is because
my eyes couldn't help but tell you. 

one more sip and i'll call it a night. 

one more sip and we're through
but it's morning, it's only just begun. it's morning.

she runs her hands through her own hair like something might happen, like some monumental waves are crashing and they are, they are, somewhere,  thousands at a time, the earth has so many hands.  it's like when we made out to that radiohead song, just like when we kiss. i follow the guitars rules, like biting into an apple. the teachers voices were always all  drowned out - like i was underwater, no one here but the loud heartbeat sound, i memorize it and tap my fingers, there's no one here but the heartbeat sound and all we can do  is sing.
"you're a beautiful girl-  act like one" he said, a stranger, but all i could think about was the words. i wish he knew and anyway, why would i want to act like that? the way people throw around the word beautiful like it doesn't mean guns and glory, like it doesn't mean blood and guts.

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