how does it feel?    to know my heart.
the bottles are lined up;
the questions are asked, like confetti
sticking to the air and to the fingers,
we answer them like quiet spies.
your eyes are little popcorns and i
eat them one by one.
here it comes
what we have all been waiting for:the big hoorah
the lowercase sweet sixteen,
you know.

it is a thing that has been done for centuries
so no one brings it up
instead we laugh and hold our drinks with our pinkies out to ensure confidence
and no one uses words
that may indicate that they care
only "i's" and "me's" ah yes
but you. i am waiting.

so we tip toe through moments like maybe they aren't happening
and i'm stuck throwing up out my of eyes and no one holds a glance;
no one holds a candle.
you remember making them in third grade at a renaissance fair field trip
 no one told you how the wax would work the same way your heart does
stick to your lungs like glue and beat and beat and light up on fires.

this is a three ring circus
a four chorus song
i loved you before you could open your eyes
before you put the pen to the paper
i was singing your name.
when i feel small i crawl underneath the bed
and when i feel big i kiss you
but i don't think i like the way you hold me
and by me i mean everything i find pretty in this senseless, swollen world.

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