broken by a

the first problem with love is that nothing else ever matters when it comes along
the second is do we?

the third is we are made of un-fillable holes
fourth, summer grass understands it well, also the grass under winter snows
as in: the breathing and then the not breathing
fifth, the paradox of a human being is the capability of the most beauty
 and the most ugly you will ever find simultaneously anywhere else on earth.
the sixth problem with love is the smoke that our hearts are made of
the seventh problem with love is floors impossible to get clean
and the eighth is then why would you?
the ninth, we never know
and the tenth problem with love is it's all we're for, 

after all this, after the holes after the volcanoes, i'm here
and we can sit here and sift the dirt through our fingers 

or we could take our clothes off and forget,
we could make lists or the lists could make us. I'm not crying.


Annie said...

this is amazing. this is so so good.

Ben Brooks said...

i felt like the narrator should be in a blanket
well done
that tarot deck looks pretty
better than mine

kerrylily said...

thank you really, thank you

{ I V Y } said...

wow, amazing.