picking birds out of your hair

in case you were wondering there are things you should be worried about, but we can't discuss them, not now. the summer is coming, i smelled it today and it grabbed me by the hips and kissed me right under the ear, where i like it, the sun knows these things, you see, very perceptive. i was kicking a rock with my shoe, and not just any rock, but the rock i was kicking and i was wondering when logic swallows want, and when can love swallow logic?  i feel like chlorine, i'm breathing it. it should be night and i should be in a pool, there will be bells, and i will resurface from the page that is of the top of the water and it will make a small sound and i will use my hands to press the water off my eyes and face and my hair back and i will do it slowly with my eyes closed and maybe you're there and maybe you're not, either way it happens and everyone will see it because everyone always sees everything, it's true.

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