this now.

when we hold hands i am holding everyone on earths hands all at once too  and we are all nodding slowly and looking into the others eyes and telling each other everything will be alright, that it's true, everything is going to be alright, and more importantly,  good.   things will be so good. the world has been wet for days, that cleanse song, like a good cry or a hot shower, it is a time to be quiet, a time for pits and patters, slow drips and the subtle tiptoe approach of all those greens. so i sit, and i watch, and i wonder.  there's a long road in my brain that i take drives on, listening to the air with the windows down, the cement dark and cold and complete, just how i like it. remember when we rode to the end of the world? we were there and we saw it. i had my arms around your waist and there was nothing but sand and sky and houses that were once whole but now just pieces, and i knew all about those but i stayed quiet and looked on.   i stayed real quiet and looked on. i still think about it when i close my eyes and right now everything is still but my heart is shaking, the air in my lungs is giving us a standing ovation, right now i keep thinking,
i want in and what i want in on is you.