look, we're all flying, what they said about gravity, it isn't true, nothing is true anymore, ever, everyone lied. i'm lying right now, but you'll eat it up, and who knows? maybe i'm right, maybe i've hit the nail right on the head. god i hope i'm right, let's make this right. there once was a boy who was so heavy the ground sucked him in,  the dirt filled into his skin and collarbones, and whispered there forever, things he couldn't understand. you pretend you can't see it, but it's there, pick up the dirt and squeeze, you can feel everyone's heartbeats, the earths skin.  and oh my god, we yelled out, when we realized, about the flying, and the dancing! all of this dancing. on the inside, without any movement physically, dancing skin and eyes, fingers. we'll spend weeks in bed, our hands and hips will do the twist, eyes moonwalking, the white blankets, the cement streets, everyone will recognize us but we won't see any of them, won't see a thing. what i mean here, is the science of thunder and lightning, how these things work in relation to love, the similarities, the planet practically screams it all out, we hush it down. we never ask the right questions, we never got rid of the dust. you can only send this right here,through the solar systems. shouting into my ears like some dreamy alarm system, he-e-e-y it sings, cautious but loud, heycan you feel this? are you alive? right now what scares me the most is what might happen if i open my mouth. what might fall out, all of the oceans. all of those big heavy oceans, so ominous, so angry, stay calm, so infinite, carry me up on your shoulders, they're warm compared to the cold lapping tongues, slippery so i grip. too far out, i'd say, this is too far out. i'd pinch you, the skin too wet to respond.

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