my heart is itchy and i can't get in there to scratch it
like when they stick wire hangers inside their casts.
having to cry real quiet
real quietly crying.
but if they read it
what's the difference?
i'll tell you.
it's easier.
obstructing the views of, with letters in the alphabet.
or swaying with a guitar - kite-like,
pretending the words don't electrocute you,

that you can pay attention to the words you're saying
and the chords you're playing at the same time as this thunder.
i have said things to you that deserve to be written down 

and you have said things back that the sky might have whispered to you
but i didn't know because i couldn't hear it at the time
because i had too much to drink or my head was in a book or a song
are we happy now?
you've got to close your eyes
you've got to fucking close your eyes
and if you don't
it's your own fault
if you don't
they'll get so tired
that spiderwebs will grow where your eyelashes were
and the spider will be you.

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tblue said...

that spiderwebs will grow where your eyelashes were. nice.