that's okay

hi bravery what color are you? the colors of you i need to put you on . girls taking shirts off, what a song the fabric, the arm lifting it up, the skin, the air. you can't breathe when she does it i am always breathing but begging you to steal quiet guitars are paralyzing me with their strings, tying up my veins roping me in, and i let them, you know, i let them. i'll let you, no self control it was snowing this morning so i sat and watched it and pondered the process of rain to ice reminding me how a brain could change, and work, becoming clear , maybe cold, maybe puddles or skies. i remember the worms would crawl out of the cracks in the sidewalks in the city when it rained and when the sun came out it would dry them up. the brown curled up hooks, empty of life, those fools. where is the tired? the heart beats, in the sea you find it, with fins and gills, and scientific names. i am looking for a sign i am looking for an exit.

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