4a.m. compilation of thirty-nine verygood things:

  1. big, big eyes or cat-eyes or eyes that smile a little kids' smile without knowing they can
  2. train station glances even when they're not in train stations like when they're on park benches or in libraries or in a crowded bar or even in big beds (&big white cloud blankets)
  3. iced teas
  4. cozy tshirts
  5. songs that get really fast
  6. songs like snow or too hot days
  7. songs that clap for you or make love look like a melody, make love look true or maybe false (maybe)
  8. songs that ball room dance with lovers in your brains
  9. charms & wit
  10. lemons
  11. tilty smiles / mouths too (two?)
  12. teeth & collarbones
  13. & finding you.
  14. evergreens & candles (& evergreen candles)
  15. "pretty rhymes and perfect crimes"
  16. color sounds and fast air and words that happen really fast out of who knows where so you put them down because of course they've got to be down, or up like when we face out, talking to the sky and there's breath coming out of our mouths like driving through fog in the dark.
  17. shoulders & collarbones & hip bones & hands(ours?)
  18. suriousdelirium / pirates / the mia wallace dancys (mostly everything dancy) / wavy hips&hands
  19. girl legs and black tights and worn out denim
  20. books in beds and their page smells and new notebooks
  21. books anywhere, rather;lying on floors or in cars or trains or in bathtubs fullyclothed
  22. winters and falls
  23. big glasses / hats / boots / tea & honey
  24. joints outside of windows
  25. bruises & freckles
  26. legs around.
  27. "you're prettys"
  28. cities / buildings like teeth / orange street lights
  29. many ice cubes in the drinks
  30. hi you's & la-dee-la's & mmmm's & yesokay's.
  31. printed handwriting
  32. rain (the sound, the smell,the soft song or the thunder touch)
  33. a beer buzz
  34. deer / doe eyes / antlers
  35. jack daniels
  36. constant word play, in brains or on papers or napkins or the backs of books you're currently reading or on hands in drippy ink
  37. how late i can stay up making this list / closing the notebook and the lights tossing and turning and remembering something else too pretty not to remember again or to tell you about, yes you
  38. yes. you.
  39. & not drowning.

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